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Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

NTSA Youth Lacrosse

The Northeast Tennessee Sports Association, Inc. (NTSA) is as a non-profit 501(c)(3), charitable organization. NTSA is committed to bringing low-cost and no-cost athletic opportunities to the Tri-Cities of Tennessee.

Our Mission:
Through a diverse set of athletic programs, including those to remove the barriers of cost, distance, or athletic ability, NTSA is committed to improving accessibility to physical activities and providing life-long opportunities for Tri-Cities residents, improving their overall personal well-being within a safe and energetic environment through community and municipal teamwork.

Our Purpose:
Have you ever scored that goal in a hockey game that raised a crowd?  Have you ever kicked that soccer ball to a teammate who gets the goal?  Have you ever thrown that winning touchdown?  Have you ever made the basketball shot of a lifetime?  Have you ever made a play that contributed to the final championship?  Have you ever been part of a team?  Playing sports moves people emotionally and physically toward higher purposes, in life, well beyond the games. Being a part of a team will forever change one’s personal perspectives—experiencing the triumph of a victory or the bitter defeat of a loss along and every little emotion in between.  These experiences teach us about self-esteem, discipline, respect, perseverance, leadership, teamwork, commitment, setting goals, and living to conquer dreams.  NTSA provides the reality in which everyone will have the opportunity to experience these emotions and living toward their dreams.Additionally, with adult and childhood obesity at all-time record highs in the United States, physical activity must become more of a necessity in order to experience living longer, healthier, mentally stable and more productive lifestyles. 

Featured Sponsor

We encourage our lacrosse family to patron these sponsors and to thank them for their support of youth athletics. They truly make a difference.

Bristol Anesthesia Services
Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated
Dick's Sporting Goods
Luke's Pizza
Purelife Chiropractic
Raven 22 Solutions Group
Sam's Club
Takoma Regional Health
VIP Seen
Warrior Sports

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Northeast Tennessee Sports Association

530 E. Main St. Box 1055 
Johnson City, Tennessee 37605

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Phone : 828-773-6214
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